24 February 2008

There is an Artful Lack of Color in my Room. Because I am not allowed to paint my walls.

My Room on flickr

I bought a travel tripod today, because I wasn't sure if I would be able to take my gorillapod to San Francisco, since it was supposed to arrive on Friday but our UPS guy doesn't get it. Anyway, I tested it out in my room - it holds the camera up very well, is incredibly stable, and is very lightweight. For $20 (marked down from $60!), I can't complain. Still, I wish my gorillapod had arrived earlier - it might actually have a chance of fitting in the bag I'm taking with me to walk around the city, which is the only area where this tripod fails.

I am looking forward to a week long vacation with J - sightseeing, drinking wine in Napa, and visiting with friends (and their adorable bunnies) in Davis. It's been a while since I've taken an honest to goodness vacation. And with my fancy new camera and fancy new camera equipment, I'm more excited than ever.

P.S. - I know...it's kind of like an IKEA bomb exploded in my room.

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