20 February 2008


I am absolutely dying to do this to my wing back chair.

And Singer? Singer just came out with a sewing machine that automatically threads the machine and the bobbin.

While I would love to splurge on a sewing machine right now...maybe this should be on my "Things to do before I turn 26" List.

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Sara said...

Holy Crap! That is flipping crazy/terrible/disgusting. Why the hell do insurance companies get to do whatever the hell they want and the consumer has to deal with what results? Insurance companies are the worst. The. WORST.

I hope everything gets worked out with minimal spilling of other people's blood.

As for the wok:
a) How freaking awesome is it that we have the same wok?
b) I'll keep you posted if I find something to cook in it during my next few months of soul[wok] searching.