08 September 2009

I Love it When Other People Are Embarrassed; For Once It Isn't Me

I was on my bike today riding home from an appointment when I encountered a near-miss by another cyclist who was running a red light straight into me (I was turning, though, so even if he hadn't had time to stop, I would have been able to avoid him). Because I was in control and in the right, I was completely serene during this encounter, and while I know human suffering is never the answer, I would have been even more pleased with the outcome if he had actually fallen from his bike when he tried to swerve since the street was dead at the time - although I know I wouldn't have been remotely amused if he had run into me or put either one of us in danger of being hit by a car.

Unfortunately, he managed to stay on his bike after the near miss which made sitting at the next red light with him incredibly awkward, yet totally hilarious and satisfying because obviously he didn't try to run that one.

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