10 September 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Jogging: I never jog. I can't think of anything more pointless than running around and sweating when I can be on a bicycle (and sweating). Anyway, some days the bike seems too big to handle at the moment, and jogging felt like a good substitute. So now I "jog." I kept pace for 20 minutes today! What a sense of accomplishment.

Falafel!: Before today, I had never had the falafel wrap from the food truck in front of MIT. I was missing something really special. There's no competition, not even the falafel palace in Central Square (and they're great, too!). Next time I might skip the pita, though.

Updating my resumé: Not really, I actually loathe updating my resume, but boy does it feel good to be up-to-date. These days it's changing on a bi-weekly basis!

Fancy shampoo: I had some fancy shampoo left over from some boutique hotel I stayed at in D.C. once because there was some ridiculously good rate that weekend. I don't know what I was saving it for, because it smells delicious, and my hair actually feels soft! I didn't know what soft was until I tried this shampoo.


Awbrey Lea said...

what kind of shampoo was it?

dearsweetbriar said...

it was EO shampoo. The sweet orange kind.