03 September 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Having a Puppy - We only had her for five days, and I am a little bit sad now that she's gone, but puppy sitting for our friends has got to be one of the most exciting experiences I've had this summer. It was also nice that we got to give her back in the end, because our allergies were pretty violent by that last day. The conversation of "can we get our own" is only tempered by the fact that our lease won't currently allow it (and aforementioned violent allergies). Stay tuned...?

Mastering the Weber - A coworker friend of mine gave us her old Weber charcoal grill last summer. It's red and happy and always ready for burgers. We didn't get much use out of it last summer, but this summer we have tried to find many opportunities to grill. Thanks to another friend we found great sirloin burgers at Whole Foods, and that coupled with learning the grill has made for the perfect burger.

Finishing my First "Whole" Project - I have been paid for design work before, but designing an entire website start to finish felt like such a big accomplishment, and I'm terribly happy with the result.

Jessica - I love my friend, Jessica. That's basically enough said, but I could expound on that to say that I'm really glad she moved back to Boston. I would have been thrilled regardless, but she moved here as three other friends moved away, so it's twice as exciting to have here here. Now she'll have get to deal with me All The Time. I'm sure she can't wait.

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Jessica said...

I love you too Briar :)