03 October 2009

Things I Love Thursday: Special Sunday Edition

Dachshunds: I love little wiener dogs. Ever since we puppy sat, I see wiener dogs everywhere, and I love their little legs and their floppy ears. They're so long! And cute! Here are two Pedigree commercials that demonstrate how cute dachshunds are, and also how adorable David Duchovny is (even though he is a sex addict):

And don't worry. There are a ton more commercials where those came from—probably to be featured in a future TILT. Here's a photo demonstrating how unnaturally long a wiener dog's tongue is:

And yes, I paid dearly for being that close to a dog for five days straight. How could I not let her sleep on my lap, though?

And if you're not convinced yet:

Joann Fabric: I get their e-coupons all the time, and usually don't even bother until there's a 50% off coupon, which happens a few times a year. Most of the time I don't need anything that badly, but this time I got a giant cutting mat (good for graphic design classes) that basically came with a free rotary cutter and quilting ruler. After the 50% coupon, there wasn't a better deal to be found. Yey, cheap school supplies!

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