08 October 2009

Things I Love Thursday

New Couch Pillows - I finally used the marimekko fabric I bought last year for its intended purpose and made my couch pillows. They're a little...really bright orange, but they make me happy. Maybe I can find a way to bring another pop of color into the room to make the pillows look a little bit less OHMIGOD, PILLOWS, but I'm really happy with the way they came out.

A Day at The Magic Kingdom Park - It has been quite a while since I last went to Disney World, and I'm not a fan of crowds, but there is something so magical about this video; I kind of look forward to the distant future when I have kids with whom I will be able to share this joy:

Earplugs - Take that upstairs stompy neighbor, passersby and traffic. Especially stompy. Yeah, my computer needs to be a little bit louder, and it's taken some adjustment, but it's remarkable how well this solution is working!

Autumn Leaves
- I got a polarizing filter for this autumn. I can't wait to see some leaves a'changing. Let's go fall! Also, I really wish I lived here:

image by lidarose

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