19 March 2010

Throw out Fifty Things: Day Two

Fifty Things Day Two

My next ten items came from all over the apartment. I was spot cleaning the apartment because we've been having prospective tenants come by to look around.
  1. Books—I have a lot of books that I need to weed through, but these two aren't going to sell on half.com or swaptree.com, and they weren't even on the bookshelf. I have two or three cookbooks that I do use, but for the most part, I use allrecipes.com or google. I also don't have the same interest in architecture that I used to, and while I want to keep a few of my old textbooks, I see no reason to have multiple books on the subject.
  2. AIA conference bag. There was a point in my life when I didn't think I could have enough bags. It turns out you can, and I do.
  3. J's sister found a Kodak Pleaser Instant camera at a thrift store, complete in it's original packaging. I kept it because it was kind of cool, but then I realized that since the camera is for display, I would have already thrown away the box if it were new, so there's really no reason to keep a musty old box...
  4. Yarn, and this is only the tip of the iceberg, because this was drifter yarn that had found its way into my closet. I actually have to tackle the collection of yarn at some point to see what I can do with it. Maybe some of it is sellable, but mostly it will probably go to goodwill (or knitting friends).
  5. Some Old Spice body wash that was left when J's brother visited our apartment.
  6. Old plastic pots that I picked up at the recycling center to plant some seeds last summer. Yeah, that never happened.
  7. Big Black Notebook, because like bags, I have lots and lots of notebooks, and this one has been hanging out since college.
  8. Some glittery eyeshadow that I have not worn since I bought it, in high school.
  9. A paper take-out box that was handmade by a student in my typography class as her final project. We each got one that had candies and a little handmade paper fortune cookie inside. Each fortune was an inspirational quote by a designer/typographer. A cute idea, but also not something I need to hang onto forever and ever.
  10. Old catalogs, one of them is the 2009 IKEA catalog, some of the Urban Outfitters catalogs were from around that time, too. Let it go, woman!

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