26 March 2010

Throw Out Fifty Things: Day Three

Fifty Things Day Three

This week's things came from all over, again.
  1. Florals from inside the centerpiece at a reception I went to.
  2. The placeholder from another wedding J and I attended last summer.
  3. A tank top that has always been too baggy for me
  4. A shirt that is sadly a little bit too young on me
  5. Some nail polish that I haven't really worn. These purchases can seem like such a good idea until I get them home!
  6. Some computer mice that I don't use since I got my Mac, plus they are both missing the USB keys that make them work.
  7. Sequined suspenders I bought for St. Paddy's day, then I didn't wear them PLUS I didn't make any money to pay for them. Fail, all around.
  8. My old point and shoot which is outdated, cracked, and pretty much useless now that we have two other digital cameras and a bajillion analog cameras.
  9. A candle holder that I've had for years, loved, and used, but it is now time to let it go, as it's been half hidden in the bathroom for two years, not doing much of anything—not even really being decor.
  10. Scraps from the mesh earring hanger I made last year.

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