14 March 2010

Throw out Fifty Things: Day One


I need to get motivated to clean out the apartment for a few reasons. It started because some people came over to view the apartment—we're moving this summer. I feel way more comfortable when the apartment is presentable, and it also makes everything easier, like working, and finding things.

I also want to take some clothes to Poor Little Rich Girl or The Garment District, something I've been talking about since last summer, but have yet to do. I'm amassing quite the collection, which is why I thought I'd go to PLRG, instead. I think I might get more value for some of my nicer clothes there. The rest are just going to Goodwill.

So to get the ball rolling, I started the Throw Out Fifty Things challenge that I saw on Make Under My Life.

Here's what I've "thrown out" so far:
  1. White House | Black Market pants (bought on sale, never really wore)
  2. J. Crew jeans (don't fit, not my style)
  3. Bakers silver sandals (that I never wear)
  4. Lacy tube top from The Limited (worn and loved through college)
  5. Black slacks from Forever 21 (these have seen better days. Ick.)
  6. Some old Mudd jeans (never wear them anymore)
  7. Pink picture frame (haven't used since college)
  8. Vitamin E oil (I bought a new Sally Hansen cuticle pen which works much better)
  9. Old phone charger (I guess I should find that old phone)
  10. Masking tape (is old, is kind of gross, and doesn't stick to things anymore)
I'm going to be taking the first four items to Poor Little Rich Girl, the next two to Goodwill, and the last four to the recycling center (well...I might just throw out the masking tape, actually)

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