18 February 2006

Tall and Proud

I had some time to walk around before my orthodontist appointment yesterday (why is it that when you are in a rush, the trains take forever, but when you leave when you're supposed to, you catch one train right after the other and end up being 20 minutes early? Oh, Murphy), so I took some photos around the Longwood area. I wanted some pictures of the pretentious marble Harvard seals in the courtyard of the Harvard Medical School building, but by the time I ambled over there, my hands were too cold to get a shot. I was not dressed weather appropriately because I didn't have a chance to go home from work.

Anyway, this shot was the only one I was happy with, but it was fun walking around, despite the cold.

Then, my orthodontist made me wait 30 minutes. Such service!

At least I had a book. Last time, I forgot book, knitting, etc. and ended up stealing a copy of Spin from the office. There was one New Yorker and the Boston Herald in the office this time, so I'm glad I went prepared.

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