25 February 2006

Irish Car Bombs & Loaded Questions

Last night, Jessica, Ben, Emily and Matt came over. We were going to play Balderdash, but ended up deciding we had enough people for loaded questions, instead. Before the games began, we did the Irish Car Bombs...

Irish Car Bombs
["Oh my, this is disgusting"]

Irish Car Bombs
["The dixie cups do float! Oh no, my shot is just floating on top of the Guiness! I'm going to pour it out"]

Irish Car Bombs

As you can see from the progression of the pictures, the car bombs were not successful.

During Loaded Questions, one of the questions was "What is your favorite word for the male anatomy?" Ben had the pleasure of reading off the answers for that one:

Loaded Questions

And Emily demonstrated knitting: movie style. You know how when they knit in the movies or on TV, sometimes they do it upside down? Yeah...:

Emily Knitting: movie style
The highlight of my evening, however, was when Matt showed up with a card for me. It was a sympathy card, but he relpaced some of the words: "Such a sweet little soul job could never be forgotten. With sympathy on the loss of your pet job." Seriously the funniest card ever.


Emily said...

I look a little posessed don't you think?

Is that how you spell posessed?

And those car bombs look disgusting now.

Matt said...

they look disgusting NOW?