18 February 2006

MC on the Red Line last night: Me with a box of girl scout cookies, you with skis and beautiful blue eyes

Yesterday on the T, I saw this ridiculously gorgeous guy. He had skis and was reading some sort of graphic novel, standing by the door. I glanced at him, but then he saw me looking so I quickly looked at the subway map above the door, squinting so he'd be sure that I was not staring at him. When I let my eyes pass over him again when I was done "looking at the map," he laughed at me! So, I just stuck my nose back in Bless Me Ultima, which was the train book of the day, and proceeded to become absorbed.

At Harvard, the woman sitting next to me got off the T, and he came and sat next to me. I took out one earbud just in case, but he just read his graphic novel after making eye contact right before he sat.

When I got off the train, I had to jump over his skis, and he looked at me once more and smiled.

I should have slipped him my number. Seriously. What did I have to lose?


Emily said...

That's hot. Really hot.

You totally should have slipped him your number. That would have been awesome.

Maybe you'll meet him again. And if you don't slip him your number then, I'll kill you.

Matt said...

That is probably one of my favorite blog posts I've ever read from anyone about anything!