26 February 2006

Match Point

I saw Match Point tonight. The more distance I get from it, the more I liked it.

There was one scene where the innate Woody Allenness was incredibly apparent, and then it just became very Woody Allen for the rest of the film. All the way down to the fact that the whole last 20 minutes it was like, "OK, you're going to listen to Opera now!" Although I can only recall ever having seen one Woody Allen movie (Everyone Says I Love You - again something I mentioned during the Friday night debacle - evidently all topics have now been covered), it did strike me as very Woody Allen in the end. [It was the scene before he enters the apartment building, with his tennis gear slung over his shoulder that convinced me of this.]

Anyway, it was fun, but the people in front of us kept whispering loudly to each other, playing telephone. There were about six of them, so one on the end would say something, then the second person would laugh, the third person would ask what was said, and it went down the line like that incessantly after a certain point in the movie. And they had behaved so well for over an hour at this point...I don't know. Some people are just jerks.

Also, I got an IM from a lost friend who I have been wanting to talk to so badly for so long now...I truly missed her, and now...I think every thing is ok.

I'm very happy about that.

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