09 November 2006

I kind of want to try men's deodorant because it smells fresh and clean. Not like a baby's butt. Is that weird?

I think I want to switch deodorants.

Yes, hi. I don't update for a long time and then BAM! We're talking personal hygiene. But seriously.

I do not like smelling things. I don't like the way people smell on the T (yes, even you, who practically bathed in perfume this morning because you think it makes you smell "nice." You're the worst of them all. I hate you the most). It's gotten pretty bad these days. I have gotten to the point where I don't like my laundry detergent, which is some innocuous brand of "all" that barely has an odor. And I use very little of it in my wash. And still. For days, nay -- weeks after my laundry is done all of it smells like...Laundry. Bleh.

And I'm not saying I like the smell of stanky clothes, either, I'm just saying I don't want them to have a smell. I don't want them to smell like lavender. Or soap. Or sweat. I don't want to be able to smell my clothes. Period.

I haven't found a happy medium yet. Because this is kind of like the shower issue. I shower every day. But some days? Some days it's like I can feel myself dragging my inner lazy bum, kicking and screaming, into the shower, and God, it's painful, and I hate every moment of it. And afterwards, I have to spend several minutes lotioning my entire body because I've got a severe lotion addiction, and my skin actually needs artificial moisturizer and it's my fault. And then I'm just going to have to shower again tomorrow! It's so ridiculous! Why with all the showering?!?

My current solution to the laundry issue? Buying new clothes. Yeah, they smell like the store. Yes, five dozen other girls probably tried on that very blouse. But you know what? At least the store smells like new clothes. And that's a smell that currently isn't annoying the hell out of me. Briar:one, Universe:fifty-seven.


Emily said...

My parents hate the smell of laundry so they use "All Free and Clear" and it has no dyes, no scent whatsoever. The clothes come out smelling like nothing. Nada. Zip. Used to drive me crazy. But . . . those are my parents :)

Briar said...

No...you know how water has a "taste"? That's how I feel about All's Free and Clear...

But maybe it's worth another shot...again.

Jenna said...

I sort of like laundrysmell but I haaaaaate deoderantsmell. Hate it. I actually did use a pseudo-men's deoderant for a while, some Adidas brand, because it had no aluminum in it, and barely smelled. But now I'm back to this other girl stuff and I smell it ALL THE TIME, and it's driving me nuts. Also it claims to be invisible and IT'S NOT.

What about Woolite? That sort of has a lighter scent than regular detergent. Probably not light enough for you, though :)

Lisa said...

The men's Michum or Degree has an unscented verison. I "steal" my husband's all the time. Why can't they make unscented deodreant that work on me (those are the only two brands that do).