14 November 2006

Maybe Coffee Will Help

I keep hovering over a posting page, with...so much to say, and yet nothing at all to say. This has been going on every day for a long time, now.

I'm knitting a hat. It's like the hat that won't end. Perhaps because I knit a row or two at night most nights, and I'm used to big blocks of knitting, and then obsessive knitting on the T. I'm also not sure how it'll turn out because I'm just going on the fly. There are some cables at the brim, and then I stopped with the cables for a while, and after some increases to make the hat...jauntier, I started with cables again, but smaller ones.

It could be really cool. Or really horrible. I also haven't decided if it will be a gift or not.

Since I started this entry, I have lost all of my steam...so it's time to go to work. And have some coffee.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would ask you to make a hat for me, but if you think that one or the one you made for Alisa's tiny head took forever, wait until you realize exactly how huge my head is. (you know, cause all the brains have to fit.)

If you're out of steam, it's time to replace the boiler. This is what you get when I'm at an ethanol plant.

I get to see you in like 8 days!!!!!