30 November 2006

Minnesoter Part Duex

On Friday, Laura and I decided to hit the shops in search of "Black Friday" Sales -- Black Friday, which is now to be known as "You're Welcomesgiving Day" (Matt, if that's wrong please correct me in the comments).

We hit Kohls (I miss Kohls -- even though I couldn't find that jacket I really wanted in my size), and then tried a bunch more places to get barware for Laura's apartment, because people were coming over and she didn't have glasses for drinking. Not REAL drinking, anyway.

I showed incredible restraint (because I knew the Mall of America was coming up on Sunday), but I've been more disappointed by Black Friday sales before, so it was not a total loss. Laura took her mother and me to Michael's so I was able to finish my wristlets, and her mother bought me a penguin cup for my penguin pen.

That night, I got to meet some of Laura's high school friends. I finally met "her other" Ben, and also Lizzie -- who I loved. We went to a drag club first, and I wish we could have stayed longer because it was a riot and I was practically sober. Had we been there after I'd had a few drinks, I would probably have been giving some drag queens some dollar bills (which is a drastic change from the last time I was around drag queens and gay strippers, when Aurora got me that lap dance and I was SO EMBARRASSED).

We ended up at this other club, after the group met up with Clint, another one of Laura's friends from high school. The place seemed a little swanky for us (Clint was wearing sneakers, and most of us were in jeans -- except Laura, who was smoking hot in a skirt and lacy top plus ho boots), but there were plenty of opportunities to make fun of the thirty-somethings getting their flirt on (which instantly means I'm either a) going to hell, or b) am destined to be one of the desperate thirty-somethings looking for my future mate one night stand at a bar).

Clint was a riot. I thought I had no filter -- but Clint said everything I was thinking. Everything. Even things I wasn't thinking, but wished I were.

The evening ended at iHop at about 4 in the morning, as all good evenings should.

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Matt said...

Just Your Welcomesgiving. No Day. We don't want to make it too complicated