01 December 2006

Movies Blockbuster Says I Saw in November

The Secret Lives of Dentists - This was a really good movie, except for the weird way he would freak out and...hallucinate? Daydream? I don't think it was misplaced or anything, just that it was weirdly done. The thing is, this movie satisfied my desire for something real, and I think that it did a good job portraying what might happen to somoene in a marriage where one spouse is cheating. David Hurst seemed inhuman to me at first, until I realized that a lot of people are scarily closed off and cold. Four and a half stars. ★★★★

Before Sunset - I liked this movie so much more than the prequel. SO MUCH MORE. Maybe it's because I had a somewhat grudging emotional investment in the characters. I don't know how people feel about spoilers, but I am really glad that they both really wanted to see each other again, but missed each other. I am delighted that nine years later, they still love each other even though Ethan Hawke's character is married. It's so brutal! Four stars. ★★★★

About Schmidt - This was a good movie, but since the theme of the month is my ability or disability to suspend belief, I just felt that the setup was too convenient. Not saying it couldn't happen, I just felt...well, set up. It was kind of cute, though -- especially his toast at his daughter's wedding. Four stars. ★★★★

The Children's Hour - This was such a fantastic movie. I love Audrey Hepburn, and this movie disturbed me so much. I like a good disturbing movie. And man was I angry. I like movies that can make me angry. I do wish that the resolution had been different, but at least there was a release at the end. Four and a half stars. ★★★★

Downfall - I didn't get around to seeing this documentary/film about Hitler's last days. I do want to try to rent it again, but it will have to be of the moment because while I was really excited about it while it was in my queue, I was not thrilled to watch it when it came, or for two weeks after.

Dig! - A documentary about the Dandy Warhols? I am so there. This was both informative and entertaining (well, I guess it wasn't terribly informative, since I already had a basic knowledge of their career, but the Brian Jonestown angle was informative, since I never followed their career). Five stars. ★★★★★

My Neighbor Totoro - It was a cartoon. Anime with english dubbed over? Or English movie drawn anime style? I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention. It was okay. When If I have kids, I'm going to have to have knitting if they want to watch stuff like this, cos I almost poked my eyes out a few times. Two stars. ★★

The Break Up - Okay, fine, this was kind of "realistic" where in the end it kind of happens the way it might in real life. Still, this movie? Not worth peeing my pants over, and not worth obsessively checking the queue because of the "Long wait" I had just because I had two damn dvds out when this came out even though I pre-requested it like three months ago. TWO STARS, Jen! And that's post-pity party about Brad. Make better movies, woman! ★★

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