10 December 2006

I've been just waiting, and hesitating With this heart of mine

This week has been hellishly busy. I worked crazy hours, but it did not stop me from going out at all (except for Roller Derby -- I missed that because I C-R-A-S-H-E-D, and I crashed Hard on Saturday afternoon).

There was the concert on Thursday, the movie on Friday (followed by hours of asshole, and then a Scrabble game that lasted until five in the morning), and then a lot of little things on Saturday (manicure with Emily and Sam, picking up prescriptions, mailing letters, and things like that). It was so bad that not only did I crash in the afternoon, but I had to convince myself that going over to J and Barrett's to watch UCB was better than laying in bed until a respectable bedtime.

I did finally get rid of the growler that's been in our fridge since Phil and Dave visited. I was a little embarrassed by the fact that the date is stamped in big red numbers on the cap of the bottle. September. Why would I leave beer in my fridge for so long? Anyway, I'm glad that it was adopted by boys who will, invariably, give it a good home.

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