10 September 2006

Cheesecake and Houseguests

I haven't really been updating because I had house guests this weekend. I have also had a cold for the past three days, and just generally feel pretty tired and crappy.

Even though Phil was only here for a few days, and it was pretty whirlwind (he actually didn't know he'd need a place until a day before he needed one, and when he called, he had to ask if he could crash at my place that night), it's kind of sad that he's not crashing on the couch anymore. He's got this whole situation with MIT (he needs to finish one more semester), but they're really giving him hell to let him come back - even though they've already let him enroll - and he doesn't want to sign a lease until he knows they'll actually let him come back for the semester.

So, it was actually a lot of fun having Phil (and Dave) here for the weekend. I like Phil's high school friends a lot, actually, and it's always a blast when they visit. I met Dave and Jason freshman year when they came to visit Phil, and I've just loved them ever since.

Unfortunately, this weekend has been pretty interesting for Phil, in the bad way, ending with the news of Jason's father passing away. It was a sudden and unexpected thing, and Jason's father was a young man (in his fifties). I hope Jason is doing alright, and if you're the praying type, keep his family in your prayers.

My weekend was, like I said, fun in part because of Dave and Phil, and because I FINALLY got to see Matt at Cheesecake and A Capella at WILG, but also kind of stressful because of living vicariously through Phil (and having to do all of this with a terrible cold).

That's all the news around here, and I guess none of it is really great, but just that's how it is sometimes...

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