20 September 2006

I Need A Shower

You know that really awesome feeling you get when someone you totally dug in your past finds you on myspace or facebook, or God, remember the days of friendster?

Yeah, that feeling, but the complete opposite -- for that guy that STALKED YOU when you were in middle school, and then spread really horrible rumors about you in high school, and then went off and became some weird devil worshiping something or other and then THANK GOD, disappeared off the face of your planet?

So, someone from my past found me on myspace today, y'all -- and I'll betcha can't guess which variety of someone it was?

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Jenna said...

See, this is why I'm terrified about the Facebook opening up to the general public - I've got a few past, er, acquaintances that I'd rather not let have any information on me. There's always the option of keeping one's profile private, but that takes away half the fun!