02 September 2006

The Girl in the Cafe

I just finished watching The Girl in the Cafe. It was a bit preachy, but it was very good. I thought about buying it for a moment, but I think the one viewing was enough. I am very glad that Kelly Macdonald won an Emmy for her performance, though. I remember the previews for this movie, and the only thing that stood out was the scene where they are talking about who has to sleep on the couch when they first get to the hotel room. It's funny how differently movies are sometimes presented just to get that initial audience base. Also, how horrible my memory is because when this movie first came out, I was very excited to see it, but never did. Then, when the Emmy was won, I decided I should see it, and it wasn't until after they got to the hotel in Iceland that I remembered that I had wanted to see it all along.

The soundrack is astounding, albeit a bit...so, I keep forgetting how old this movie is (as in just because I saw it for the first time today, that doesn't mean it's that recent), but it did come out last year. So Damien Rice and Sigur Ros, well, the prominent use of their songs was great, but they're two artists who have since been a bit overplayed, maybe? I don't know. It felt "dated" because of the pronounced use of the lyrics when an instrumental track might have been just as powerful.

I guess I don't really have anything profound to say about the movie, just that it was good, but I won't be recommending it to my parents any time soon. It's very...biased. And it kind of harps on the poverty issue (which is a good issue, in my opinion, to harp on, since quite a few people will sit down for several hours to watch a movie, who won't sit still for five minutes to listen to the news), but it's also a good film. I'd say rent it if you haven't seen it already (and don't mind being preached at).

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