26 September 2006

Sam's Town

According to Rolling Stone, The Killers' new album (Sam's Town) isn't as hot as Hot Fuss. I was actually going to buy this one, but I'm glad I read the review -- it won't make me change my mind, but I'm not going to buy it blindly anymore (like I did with Nightcrawler the day it came out. I was that confident in Pete Yorn). I like Hot Fuss as much as the next person, but I like my "weird" versions, as Ben called them once, better. I found some live...or...pre-release versions on Limewire, and I have to say that while they're illicit different, I'm just used to them now. And we know how adverse to change I am, so therefore, I like those versions more. So, I never bought Hot Fuss. The user reviews for Sam's Town are much more flattering, but now I'm just going to have to preview it and see for myself.

I do try my best to buy CDs now, even though sometimes by "preview," I mean "download the whole thing because, seriously...I'll buy it someday. Seriously." Part of it is the guilt of downloading, but the other part of it has been in realizing how I'm missing out on some good music by only downloading one or two songs (plus my time is too valuable to me now to sit there for hours searching for every last song on particular albums).

I suppose next on my list is the Lemonheads new self-titled album. I don't care what kinds of reviews that gets -- I've listened to it straight through a few times, and it will be worth the money. I hope Rolling Stone doesn't crush my Lemonheads dream, too, though. Or I will have to cut someone.

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