13 September 2006

Can we call it a day, now would that be okay?

Okay, I was bit by the crazy bug the other day. I'm better now. I promise. Really and truly.

I can't explain it, but I do know it has something to do with my incredible fondness for Rufus Wainwright because when he sings Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, I know he knows how I feel.

Obsess is a word I've thrown around in my vocabulary jokingly since I was thirteen, but how funny it is, I don't know. One of my friends admitted to being mildly stalkerish when she got like this. I have to admit...it's a story that sounds all too familiar, lest we forget Mike, or taking the long way home from work to drive past the O'Brien's house, or, well...any one of my pre-college crushes. And nowadays, the excessive Googling/facebook/myspacestalking.

But it's not just a factor in my love-life. Every year around this time, candy corn hits the asiles, and I will eat myself sick of candy corn, until I don't ever want candy corn again. It usually takes about two or three bags, and I usually eat them all in one or two sittings, each (he-llo?). This doesn't stop me from doing it again next year (because they stop selling it about mid-April. If I could get candy corn any time, I'd have probably gotten sick of it years ago). Then there are fancy cakes. I still can't eat fancy cakes. And let's please never forget the oatmeal creme pies.

And I don't even want to get into binge-eating, or binge-drinking, or my music listening habits.

So thanks, friends, for listening to me while I was CRAZY (well, crazier than usual), and even though I can recognize that I'm INSANE, it certainly helped bring me back to earth when I realized I was only embarrassing myself. As my friends, it is your job to tell me when I'm being a whack-job. I only hope I can extend the same courtesy when y'all need it.

[Currently Spinning: The Raconteurs - Call it A Day]

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Your Partner in Crazy said...

no worries friend, we are all piping hot giant bowls of crazy...some days are just more giant or hotter. at those times, it's good to have a friend who is crazier than you are because afterall, sanity is relative and it makes you look better. i know that's why you keep me around, and i'm okay with that. :) at least you realize it when you do it...i'd call the men in white suits if you didn't.