26 September 2006

Oh Laura, Where Art Thou

Laura is in Iowa, which means I've no outlet for the CRAZY today.

After countless attempts at printing a file from Revit: "I am going to make this floor plan a .PDF, and then it will be my bitch."

While deciding not to go talk to someone in the office: "That's how chickens talk."

To my computer, and the printer, several times (yes, I said it out loud): WHY do you hate me when I show you nothing but LOVE?!

And also, my new supersacrilegious curse, that I won't share here, but said aloud many times today (except when I substituted the second word for something...Still sacrilegious, but...Maybe less so. Well the combination is less bad, but it's still sacrilege. Mmmm...sacrilicious)

And finally, what needs to happen now: I NEED BOOZE. IN MY FACE.

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