15 September 2006

Hahaha. Poop.

The subject matter here has been kind of...bleh, lately. I suppose it's because I get all the hilarity out of my system over AIM these days. For example:

Me and Peter (on reformatting my computer):

Peter: if it were here i could take a look at your computer and remove everything
Briar: i know i wish you were here
Peter: with magnets
Briar: haha, well...maybe i don't, anymore
Peter: what? you hate me now?
Briar: remove it with magnets? that sounds awful!
Peter: yeah you just throw magnets at the hard drive. it's a pretty standard process
Briar: your mom's a pretty standard process
Peter: thats a lie and you know it
Briar: that's true, she's pretty specialized
Peter: haha...your mom's special. booyeah
Briar: haha, oooh. big insults coming from both our ends
Briar: eeew
Briar: our ends...
Peter: hahahaha
Peter: ...poop.

Me and Laura (on the kneeler):

Briar: it's for gardening, not giving head
Briar: but i can't get that image out of my mind because it's called a kneeler
Laura: lol
Laura: LOL - feel comfortable on your knees
Briar: haha. i love the first, more sedated, reaction. then the one after you opened the link.
Laura: gardening...uh huh
Briar: seriously, who are they kidding?
Laura: in those colors? no one
Briar: i want one in fuschia
Laura: i think purple
Briar: "Isn't that supposed to be for gardening?"
"Oh, is it? Well, come over here and let me show you my garden"

And that's all you get out of me. For now.

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Matt said...

that totally made my morning