08 September 2006

Especially a Vampire Man

Living without health insurance is basically a constant nightmare.

For me, there was the unfortunate circumstance of, oh, not being able to really afford my asthma medication or that shrink I always meant to start seeing. And ignoring the fact that it's actually illegal not to be insured in Massachusetts, there was also the constant fear that I'd be hit by a car or that I'd have some mysterious back pain that would never go away, or that I'd need penicillin.

Today, I paid full price for generic medicine. I will be reimbursed, because the trouble was on my insurance's end, not mine, but it was a cold reminder of the horrors of not being insured. Couple that with the hateful situation of "no income," and you've got yourself a party.

Still, I'm insured again! Whee! Tonight, I will go out and celebrate, movie-star style (getting drunk, getting arrested, and flinging ethnic slurs at people).
Laura: Of course you like garlic. But not if you're making the moves.
Me: That's true. Even if you use gum, you still sweat the garlic smell.
Laura: And if that, plus the cold, doesn't get you a man, I don't know what will.
Looking forward to abuse of the blockquote? Get used to it. I'm obsessed.

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