21 September 2006

I Know it's Different, but That's Why P&P Scared Me

When Emily and I went to see the Last Kiss, it opened with Snow Patrol's Chocolate.

I squeezed her arm, "I knew it was coming eventually, but they opened with it -- with a lousy interpretation of the video. The phenomenal video. Emily, I'm going to have to hide under the seat screaming until it's over."

It ended quickly enough, as Zach Braff -- excuse me, "Michael" -- pulled his Prius into a parking space, and we all got on with our days. I doubt anyone actually noticed. [Maybe the people around us did. I wasn't exactly discreet. Perhaps it was because I'm rude. Or perhaps it was the two Jack and Diet Cokes I'd had before the movie. Who knows?]

I only write this now because I'm barely getting over it. It's not that the song has been ruined for me (I just listened to it just now), it's just going to take some time to get past the whole associating it with The Last Kiss thing, and how it just gave me the heebie-jeebies. I mean, they weren't fucking around when they used it prominently in the previews.

[Currently Spinning: Snow Patrol - Days Without Paracetamol]

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