25 September 2006


I've been seriously considering getting a roomba, lately. I've wanted one for a while (Laura, you might know why...), but I always thought that it would be a ridiculous purchase. However, based on the number of times I've busted out the dustbuster? And the amount of dust covering our floor? It would certainly justify perhaps busting out the sweetping/vacuuming tools more often [than never], but as Sundry said in her recent review of the roomba:
I own a Dustbuster, an upright vacuum, a Swiffer, and a special little broom-and-dustpan combo, and yet none of those objects did what I wanted, which was for them to clean the floor by themselves.

But then. THEN...Phil sent me this link.


I mean. Something less crazy.

Is it slightly pathetic? Yes. I'm not exactly too busy to mop the floors once a week or anything. I'm young and spry. I should be doing all that cleaning myself. Blahblahblah.

Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas.

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