01 December 2006

Minnesota: Part III

So, Minnesota: Part 3. Better than The Godfather: Part 3, I swear.

Saturday was half day of rest (slash hangover control), half dinner and a movie.

Laura took Lizzie and me to see Happy Feet and then to eat at Chino Latino.

Happy Feet was...amazing. I don't know that it needed to be as funny as we thought it was (Laura told me at the beginning, "Is this going to be penguins singing and dancing for two hours? Because if it is, I'm okay with that.") It took me 3.5 seconds to pull out the "Big...BLUE," and we were, the three of us, laughing at the most INAPPROPRIATE times ("NORMA JEAN!!!!"). The movie was...Very political. That's all I'll say about it. Okay, except that also, there was like an hour and a half of development -- and then about two minutes of resolution -- good for the kiddies, frustrating for me.

Anyway, dinner was amazing. The burrito, not so much, but the tostada and the lo mein were perfect. Lizzie got a blue hawaiian that came with dry ice, and so it was all foggy and luauish...or something. I was impressed, anyway. Then, the dessert. The coconut ice cream. On something. Oh: bananas. OH MY GOD. It was positively orgasmic. Until I found something. A nut. I thought it was a peanut, but Laura told me it was probably a macadamia nut. Whatever it was, it harshed my buzz. But if I'd had a tub and gallons of that ice cream -- you wouldn't have to tell me twice; I'd be bathing in it within minutes.

It was a good night out, and quite a bit of fun. Whenever I look at the magnet(s) I snagged from Chino Latino, I'll become wistful. That is, if I ever put them on my fridge.

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