22 December 2006

I'm not really that cynical, but it writes up well

I am stuck at Logan right now -- flying standby to Denver. Then from Denver to El Paso.

God knows when I'll set foot on El Paso soil, because I'm not entirely convinced I'll be lucky enough to be on the 4 o'clock flight, and assuming that I am, I'm not entirely convinced I'll make any sort of connection to El Paso. I mean...what? My glass is totally half full.

In the meantime, I purchased Internets for the day. $8, which sounds worth it and very reasonable. A girl can't live without her Internet! Hence the blogging.

I don't understand why I can't be routed through some other hub. I don't think it's unreasonable for me to ask, and now I'm feeling rather sheepish about how easily I let the obnoxious tiny woman behind the counter tell me that there were no other options since I've checked my bags. My bags and I...we parted ways. I don't intend to see them for a while -- I've made my peace with that. Now can we please discuss getting me on another plane, woman? This only occurred in my head. Instead I slunk away meekly, deciding that people actually trying to get to Denver should come first. Which is about the dumbest kind of reasoning I've ever come up with, yet.

So the office party last night was fun, aside from some of the topics of conversation, which weren't very fun for me. At least I think this will be the last time those things come up. I wasn't the office drunk this time around, and for that I'm rather proud -- although I did get in trouble for tending bar later in the evening. Well, mildly scolded, at least. There was no bartender, and he had not announced last call! So we grabbed something before they packed up the bar, and I am not ashamed of that. Also, Everyone loved my skirt -- the one I almost didn't wear because I thought the tulle made me look like a five year old in a ballet recital. But I got at least five independent compliments.

Of course, the drinking left me ill equipped to deal with the "your flight was cancelled" crisis. My dad called twice -- having no idea I wasn't sitting sedately at home. I was wondering why the hell I gave the airline my parents' phone number. I think it's just stored on the priceline/expedia server as my primary number, which I guess made sense when I was in college. I was on hold with united forever, until I decided I just couldn't deal with this, and passed out on my futon.

I started calling again at six in the morning, knowing full well that I would probably be booked on a later flight, and possibly that I'd be on standby. I just wanted to sleep in my own bed until I had to leave for the airport. No dice. I had to head to the airport in person to get the bad news. And so here I am, waiting for a plane that will probably leave without me. If it leaves at all.

Story of my life.

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