26 December 2006

I also don't know what to do with all my free time

Being home has provided me with an extra-special holiday rollercoaster of emotion.

My dad predicted that it would take my sister and me four days to start fighting. In reality it was three days. And instead of my sister, it was my mother. And instead of happening within the safe confines of the house it happened at a crowded Chick-fil-a at the mall. We r awesome.

Anyway, things are better now, and instead of talking about that, I'll talk about the things in El Paso that I fully plan on taking advantage of (Chick-fil-a and Terrazas having been crossed off the list today): Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Arby's, and Schlotzskys. Well...maybe not Schlotzsky's...

I got to see Peter and Patrick on the 23rd. We watched Talladega Nights, and then flipped through various infomercials. The infomercials with the running O'Brien commentary were as funny as Talladega Nights.

So now I'm just relaxing. I can't believe I took a week off of work. I don't know what to do...with my hands.

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