18 December 2006

If you gotta go, darling, maybe it's better that way

I have a bruise on my toe. I think I got it back in May, when I dropped a full bottle of horseraddish sauce from the fridge. It hit just at the bottom of my nail, and left a nasty bluish purple spot. It grew a little bit more when the nail grew out, and then it started to grow out with the nail.

Here we are, seven months later, and the bruise has become a part of me. Every time I've looked down at my un-pedicured feet, it has been there -- a new reassuring constant in my life.

It's reached the top of my toe now, and it's starting to grow out.

I'm not saying I want a big nasty bruise on my toe. In fact, it will be kind of cool to look down in about a month and see two perfectly neat, unbruised big toes.

But I can't say that I won't miss my little friend, either.

[Currently Spinning: Ace of Base - Don't Turn Around]


Matt said...

I had a bruise on my big toe for almost half a year, and when it finally grew out it kind of weird when it was gone. Especially since I spend a good deal of my time barefoot. It was weird for it to be gone. And it isn't weird for you to miss the bruise.

Laura said...

you're gonna be strong, you're gonna be fine.

if you want, i will make sure to drop something heavy on your foot next time i see you. because that's the kind of friend that i am. and just because matt says it isn't weird doesn't mean it isn't. it is a litte weird. a little. you just have matt's company in this quirk, so it is statistically a little less weird. i'd bet money 7 months from now you'll hardly remember. but i have never had a bruised toe.

i think we all know what i'm going to be rocking out to on the way home now.

Matt said...

I still remember my toe bruise from over a year ago. Eat that, Mrs. Chidozie-Collette!