06 October 2007

It may come to a point where this should just be called "Briar's Tokyo Police Club Blog"

I am a card carrying member of the FNX (101.7 Boston) radio station network. The theory is that there are a bunch of privileges that come with this card -- pre-sale concert tickets, free FNX events, and the FNX Card Concert series, but in reality, I only got the card because TOKYO POLICE CLUB were playing. And it was free.

Sapporo sponsored this crazy awesome concert, so on top of being at a Super Intimate Show, I got all sorts of tacky Sapporo swag (I mean...I ♥ you Sapporo! Not tacky! Awesome!) (No, but seriously...there were (XL) T-shirts with kanji characters and a written English translation of "Yankee Haters." My roommate, who is semi-fluent in Japanese laughed when I brought the shirt home because apparently it says something closer to "Fuck the Yankees."). I got a few of those paper fans...you know the ones you can buy for $0.50, but I can never seem to find them, and I want one to carry on the T. Yeah, so I grabbed about four of them.

But what I really got that night was the chance to finally meet the band without making a total ass out of myself. Sure, we didn't have intimate conversations about life or anything, but we talked about my shirt, and even though I know they do say it to everyone, they personally thanked me for coming out to see them and since I was the only one there at the time, I like to pretend that they'll remember me forever. Graham, the keyboardist, was jealous because he'd actually tried to buy the shirt I was wearing from Threadless, but they were out of his size. I got a picture with (bassist) Dave Monks and (keyboardist) Graham Wright:

It was brief and fleeting, but it was also supremely awesome, and I didn't even volunteer to have their babies or anything. I also got some pretty good rocking out shots, because I was in the front row and about three feet away from the band:

The rest of the shots from that night are Here, in a flickr set.

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Steve said...

I live in Deutschland! I also live in the future!* I do not, however, live in the "Country French," whatever that is.

* That whole time zone difference thing counts, right?