08 October 2007

MIT Glass Pumpkin Sale

For the past three years, I have vowed that I was going to wake up extra early on the day of the MIT Glass Pumpkin sale so that I could document the pumpkins and the madness with my camera.

This year I finally made it to the sale. It wasn't at the break of dawn, though, and instead of merely documenting the madness, I became part of it. A friend of ours had asked us to buy a pumpkin for her because she would be unable to make it, and once I was in there, it was hard not to adopt every pumpkin in sight.

I had finally settled on a blue one that was a little more pricey than intended, when another woman started setting down a pretty green flecked pumpkin -- my eyes zoned in on the price tag, and it was exactly in the budget! I practically snatched the pumpkin from this poor woman's hands. Even J left with some gift pumpkins.

It was a good haul this year. Just in time for autumn.

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