17 December 2009

Things I Love Thursday: Anniversary Edition

Grabbing Butts

Three years feels like such a long time ago. We've both grown so much in that time—and it's so amazing to know that I'm growing with someone. J grounds me. He stays calm when I cannot, and he's strong and confident and so smart—and look at how smoking hot he is!


I love him because he makes me laugh out loud, daily. He makes even the most mundane tasks seem fun.

Action Shot

I love him because he makes me see beauty in myself. It is because of him that I try to be a better person. Whenever I am angry or sad, he is there to remind me that the world isn't all pain and suffering.


I love him because everywhere we go together is an adventure, even if we're just people watching in Harvard Square.

The cupcakes

I love him because I smile every morning when I wake up with him and every evening when he comes home to me.


To me, home is J's heart and hands.

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