16 December 2009

Three Years

3 Years

Our three year anniversary is coming up—this Thursday, in fact. To celebrate, we're having dinner at Houston's, courtesy of a very generous Christmas gift card we got last year.

I got this little bouquet of flowers last night at trivia, though, so that I'd be able to enjoy them for a few days before we leave for Texas. I guess J was going to give the flowers to the bartender before I arrived, so that they'd be there waiting for me, but he didn't want me sitting there all by myself with flowers for a half-hour.

There are three roses: one big one for this year and two little ones for the two years past (and some pine because the florist asked him if he'd like some holiday cheer in the bunch). I'm still smiling as I look at them sitting here on my desk. J is not one for flowers, but when he does them, he does them well.

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