27 December 2009

United Airlines Sucks. But I Guess That's Not News.

While I was typing up my complaints to the BBB about my recent nightmare trip to El Paso with United Airlines, I stumbled across this video. It's catchy and it's cute, but I'm still too angry with the way United jerked me around to laugh about it. Maybe I'll laugh about it when I finally get my luggage back (oh, yes, they "misplaced" it on the outgoing and return flights! United, FTW).


*A* said...

We also had a miserable trip with United on our way to EP! We weren't allowed to get onto the flight (that I had bought a 600 freakin dollar ticket for four months ago!) because of "weight restrictions." I randomly ended up in boarding group 4, and they opted to just not board anyone in boarding group 4 because the plane was already too heavy from groups 1-3. It was complete BS. After half an hour of tears and complaining, the pilot and stewardess finally figured something out and adjusted the weight enough that two more passengers could get on the plane, so we made it on but not after a ton of hassle and rudeness on their part. I'd already been boycotting United for the past ten years prior to this because of a horrendous lost luggage incident. The only reason we flew them at all this time is because Jon had a free flight through his credit card that he needed to use up, but seriously, never again are we flying on United. I'm planning to write a complaint, too, but I'm waiting until we fly home tomorrow to see if they screw up again.

the brhymenoceros said...

I seriously kept waiting for them to stop screwing up, or make it up to me or something, but no one seemed interested in keeping me happy!

What's "funny" (I guess I don't know what the word is, so I'll go with "funny") is that any individual one of the many screw ups they made could have been easily forgiven. Hell, I lived without my luggage for four days, and only started to get anxious on that fourth day. Four days?! And I didn't even see a travel voucher on the table until I complained about my delayed return flight confusion and they noticed that "whoops! This is the sixth time this woman has called our CS line in as many days!" As if I'd use it.

Like you, we only flew United because Jason got good deals with his star alliance silver membership. After this, I told him I wouldn't even bother with their airline if it cost us nothing. I feel like I'm pretty understanding of airport snafus and holiday madness, but my return trip was really the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm too angry to add up the amount of money I threw away on this trip because I chose United instead of one of the many airlines that only cost $50 or $100 more. It would have been well spent to avoid having to replace half of my luggage and rent an overpriced hotel room in Chicago, not to mention all the time they stole from my family.