25 January 2007

I Think I've Seen High Fidelity One Too Many Times

I'm feeling better since my last post. I spent most of yesterday feeling...cloudy. I had taken some generic midol-esqe drugs, but for some reason, the drug only cures slightly more common symptoms like cramping. Why can't they help with the overwhelming bitchiness? The overpowering tiredness? The general dissatisfaction with people? I was told that it's because the bitchiness and malcontent, unlike the cramping, are not necessarily symptomatic of the time of the month, but might have a number of causes, not many of which are easily solved in pill form...

I suggested trivia, and even though I was in no mood to do anything but drink scotch and read J.D. Salinger in semi-darkness, I went to trivia. And the badness dissipated immediately. Immediately.

I keep writing lists. To do lists, lists of grad schools, music to buy, movies to watch, people to kill. They're all growing at an alarming rate, and I'm just itching to cross something off of one of them.

Here's hoping that tomorrow will be more productive.

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