22 January 2007

It's like the flu, only more expensive

I had one of those wonderfully slow, dreamy weekends that make it difficult to pull myself out of bed and into the office on a [cold] Monday morning. A sleepy weekend with lots of excitement followed by lots of lounging. And dim sum.

If this blog were a TV show (one can only dream), I would have introduced a new character a month ago, but I haven't known how to go about doing this. Not without just abruptly talking about him with no introduction. And I haven't exactly asked him how he feels about being blogged about, either.

Among a few other things, there's the issue of a nickname. Harvard and Emmerson were easy (we're not particularly creative people sometimes). Other times the nicknames are clever and they just happen. Indie Adam Jones, T-baby, Poli Sci Guy...

So that's just one of the reasons I haven't brought it up. That, and I have better things to blog about than my love life (ha! I am a bad liar).

Also, I keep saying I'm not going to do this, but something tells me that tomorrow I might be stopping somewhere to pick up the Shins' new album. Because I have a sickness. A terrible, horrible sickness.

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