15 January 2007

You're the last best thing I got going

"I think I suffer from some mild depression," [Zach Braff] tells Parade magazine in an interview to be published on Sunday.
...In what was the most obvious statement ever made by a celebrity. I just thought we needed a big, resounding, collective, "DUH," from anyone who's seen Garden State, and that one episode of Scrubs that makes me want to slit my writsts. I mean, we ♥ you Zach. Only...we know you should be on the Prozac. We're just sayin'...

This week's free iTunes song is by the Cold War Kids, and it's good. You should go download it. But, if it were possible to hand out punches to the face on the Internet, I would punch the guy who was all, "I'm angry that this is the free song of the week because I totally already heard of this band before iTunes was giving out the handouts. Oh, and also, I'm a douchebag."

I shouldn't read things when I'm riled up. I'm all hopped up on the sugar today.

[Currently Spinning: The Mountain Goats - Dance Music]

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Laura said...

I think you should get laoded with sugar and blog every morning. The unsuspecting internet idiots will never know what hit them. And I can picture you saying these things to me in an excitable, fast-talking way. I like it.