20 September 2007

ANTM - Cycle 9 Premiere

Last night, J suffered through his first episode of America's Next Top Model. He was a good sport, but I don't think he'll be making the mistake of coming over on Wednesdays anymore. I don't know why this show is so addicting for me. I remember exactly when I first started watching it, and it was only because Alisa would have it on the TV every Wednesday. I'm not deliberately being aloof about this -- I honestly only watched when Alisa and Ben did. At first. Now I could make all the excuses in the world, but the truth is that this show has the power to suck me in like no other reality show ever has. I've watched the occasional episode of Project Runway, and from time to time I enjoy Extreme Home Makeover or Trading Spaces, but none of them has the ability to draw me to the TV on a weekly basis.

Last night, 30 girls boarded a cruise for the cycle premiere, and only 13 emerged as contestants for "The Future of Fashion." The winner will receive management and representation from Elite Model Management, a $100,000 CoverGirl contract, and a cover and six-page spread in Seventeen, which seems underwhelming given the winner used to be featured in Elle.

I was, as usual these days, unimpressed by the girls. Sometimes there is something in one or two of them that tugs at me, but this time not a single girl resonated with me off the bat. Hopefully there will be some redeeming qualities as the season progresses, but I'm skeptical. One of the more brilliant moments was when one of the girls stated that she wanted to be on the show to do something that matters...to give back to the community -- by being on America's Next Top Model. What a contribution to society! She is so selfless. I hope she wins.

The final 13 girls:
Ambreal, 19, from Dallas, Texas
Bianca, 18, from Queens, New York
Chantal, 19, from Austin, Texas
Ebony, 20, from Chicago, Illinois
Heather, 21, from Valparaiso, Indiana
Janet Mills, 22, from Bainbridge, Georgia
Jenah, 18, from Farmington, Connecticut
Kimberly Leemans, 20, from Ocala, Florida
Lisa, 20, from Jersey City, New Jersey
Mila, 20, from Boston, Massachusetts
Saleisha, 21, from Los Angeles, California
Sarah Hartshorne, 20, from Heath, Massachusetts
Victoria Marshman, 20, from New Haven, Connecticut
My only regret is that Marvita (the girl with the sweet mohawk) did not make the final cut. True, she did not cry like the other "punk-ass" girls, which made her even more awesome in my book, but they really did a number on us with her story. During her interview, Tyra commented on how "a lot of bad people had done a lot of bad things [to her]," and, on National television, Marvita explained about the sexual abuse, rape, and homelessness. Then she didn't make the cut because they didn't see her as "high-fashion." Way to capitalize on that sob story, Tyra.

And is it just me, or were a lot of the girls whiny little bitches last night? I watched the first three cycles on VH1 a while back, and was astounded by how nice the girls were to each other. Yes, this is a competition, but they were all there for the same reason and there was a mutual respect amongst the contestants; a mutual respect that has been sorely lacking in recent cycles. I think they're just deliberately picking the bitchiest girls they can find these days so that there will be drama in the house.

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Anonymous said...

I'm also an ANTM addict, and I can't explain the addiction, either. Mostly I like looking at the pictures.
Did you notice that one of the ANTM wannabes was named Spontaneous? Only I think it was spelled "Spotaineous?" Or something like that, it had a couple of extra letters. Ha.