28 September 2007

ANTM: The Girls Go Green

I forgot to post this on Thursday, but this week's ANTM was interesting, if I'm allowed to use the word interesting loosely. What is it with all these "girls from the 'hood" with the chips on their shoulders this year? There was almost a bitch fight between Bianca and Lisa, and eventually Lisa started crying and cursing. Bianca is obviously threatened by Lisa and overcompensated for this by telling her she was a terrible model, and I'm pretty sure that she said something about her being "one step away from a plus size model," whatever that means. I could eat most of these girls. Bianca is not really Top Model material yet, and whether or not she chooses to learn during this competition might have something to do with not worrying about what the other girls are up to more than worrying about her own actions. Still, I have to admire her scheming ways...apologizing to Lisa because she's "strategizing." What a conniving bitch. You know I mean that in the best way: from one conniving bitch to another.

The disappointing lack of courtesy and grace continued when every. single. one of the girls ragged on Heather because of her autism, and I could practically see the thought bubbles that read, "Well, crap -- I can obviously beat this girl because she has a disability. She'll probably get the boot this week" Except Victoria, of course. See, Victoria is "smart enough" to get into Yale, which means she's smart enough to tell the camera things that imply that she's above everyone else, like how she doesn't get involved in the cat-fights. The problem I have with Vicky's tactic is that saying things like that out loud negates the social grace involved in not getting involved, but alas, that is the trap of the reality show cameras. Besides, I kind of like Victoria. Aside from the fact that she's on Top Model, she seems to be pretty down to earth. And Heather is going to bitch slap a lot of these girls week after week because the camera LOVES her, and she has Asperger's which may make her socially awkward, but given the diagnosis, not linguistically or cognitively slow. Other girls? Excuses, please?

The competition this week was a ten-minute shopping spree at Old Navy. The girls had to find something "high-fashion" and piece it together to be judged by Tyra and the panel. Saleisha won the competition, and could very well win the Top Model designation. She's certainly got my tentative early pick.

The theme of this week's photos was smoking's cruel side effects. The girls did one pose in a glam getup, looking into a mirror that was (photoshop) reflecting their second pose, where they were made-up to represent the horrible disease that was caused by their smoking.

Ebony and Mila were the bottom two models this week. Ebony lost her sparkle after being told that all the other girls hate her, and Mila couldn't stop laughing at her post-radiation chemo get-up.

Partially because of her uncontrollable hysteria, and partially because she seems vapid and unable to absorb large words -- forget basic concepts -- Mila gets sent home.

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