17 September 2007

Monday Madness - Week in Review

What was your biggest challenge this past week?

Trying to find balance in an otherwise unbalanced and disorganized place in my life. It was a really tough week, emotionally.

What was your biggest accomplishment this past week?

I finished one of J's Dashing mitts. It has zero mistakes, and aside from the one or two nitpicky things I notice because I'm a perfectionist, I think it's perfect.

What was the most exciting thing that happened in your life this past week?

I got to visit MIT Lincoln Lab, see where J works, plus the machine shop, the airplanes, a "big-ass" radar, and some infrared cameras.

I also went to IHOP.

What one thing made you the happiest this past week?

Spending time with J. Watching King of Kong was pretty happy, too -- it's hilarious and I highly recommend it.

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Cindy Swanson said...

Good answers. Hope this week will be a great one for you!