26 September 2007

Casting Calls for the movie of my life

Phil and I used to play a game with Teresa when we were freshmen at MIT, mostly when we should have been doing p-sets. We would ask each other, "Who would play so-and-so if they ever made a movie about your life?"

Sometimes I still try to cast people in the movie of my life. I don't even remember what we decided back then because we were very different people, although I do remember Teresa telling us that if we ever cast Sandra Oh as her character there would be all sorts of hell to pay. For the past two years, I have said that Phil would be played by Adrian Grenier in my movie, but I'm pretty sure he's the only one I've ever nailed down.

For a while now, I had cast John Krasinski as J. He's tall, he's got the right haircut, he's smart and witty...it's a pretty good fit. J's nose is more defined, and his eyebrows are more manageable -- plus he's got the Bon Jovi lips, but both of their eyes are expressive in similar ways, and I could see it happening. At least until a few weeks ago when I saw Death at a Funeral.

I tried to Google Kris Marshall, and none of the photos do this decision justice, with the possible exception of the one to the left. There are obviously some serious problems with this casting decision. First and foremost, he's British, and I'm not convinced he could do the Western PA accent justice. The accent is key to the role. But he's got the wit. He's got the charm. He's got the brains. He's definitely cute. Most of the time. I think he looks more like J than John...most of the time...it could work.

Anyway, that was my utterly useless post for today, brought to you by not-enough-coffee.

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