10 September 2007

My ANTM Submission

I am having the time of my life over at Ravelry. Being the uber-geek I am, I positively DROOL all over things that categorize and organize other things for me. Nevermind that I had to turn my room upside down to take pictures of yarn, or that I haven't really made time to do anything else (hello, laundry?). It is such an inspiration to see all the beautiful knitting other people are doing, and to share my own work in a forum that is designed for just that. Even though I read an article about how bad the Internet is for allowing people to form "friendships" without getting close, rendering our generation incapable of having real friends -- well, I like the community.

The only completed project I hadn't yet photographed was my latest, which is a pair of dashing mitts. I was going to do some fancy Photoshop work, and I used my air conditioner as a tripod (yes, I do have a tripod, but I am also extraordinarily lazy), but I think that the un-Photoshopped photo is just fine (did I mention how I'm extraordinarily lazy?). The photo above is the result, and I'm so proud of the way it shows off my fingerless mitts, my new favorite earrings, and the fact that I am sexy as all hell. Also, that I am a dweeb.


Liz said...

Multiple comments here:

- We must both be dweebs - I love all the organization, statistics, pigeonholing and sorting in Ravelry.

- I love your Dashing mitts.

- Whoever writes all the stuff about the internet killing off personal relationships needs to head on down to a knitting group for awhile. I just started going to one that organized through Ravelry, and I felt right at home from the moment I sat down. :) You should join us at the Brookline Brunch some weekend!

Steve said...

That picture proves the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. We know that hair's momentum, but who knows where it really is.

And with that, I think I out-geeked you. And, using the power of the German keyboard, let me say also that it should be "über-geek."

Briar said...

It should be "über-geek," and I spent about a millisecond deciding it wasn't worth the effort to find the right character.

Remember? The lazy?

Jessica said...

Congratulations Briar, you are still in the running to be America's Next Top Model