24 August 2006

College Freshman Mindest: Make Friends Old Enough to Buy Booze.

Beliot College's new mindset list for the class of 2010 is WAY OFF. Take this list and compare it to "our" year (2005ers), where the only one I have a real problem with is number 39. The 2010 list is riddled with blatant assumptions and blanket statements that all 2010ers don't seem to know anything about history. They have rarely ever mailed anything using a stamp? What?! Yes, most of their correspondence is through email...But there are different better ways to say that. And number 37: Brides have always worn white to a first, second and third wedding. Yeah. I get it. People in this generation are completely without morals. Anyway. Peruse for yourself, and see if you get worked up like I did.

You might not. Remember: I'm a piping hot giant bowl of crazy.

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