24 August 2006

I'm Definitely Still In The Game


I lost my job in March. Do you know that means I was only unemployed for a total of about four months? And that during those four months, I temped at an architecture firm for five weeks?

You know how when a situation is behind you, you can remember how utterly horrifying, embarrassing, sad, and depressing it was, but you gain a fresh perspective that can make you feel like it wasn't that bad?

Yeah. I'm not there yet. I remember the sucks of being unemployed. I remember the feeling of worthlessness, and I remember the embarrassment, and I remember the depression. I'm still getting over it. But I was looking through some of my posts from back then, and while it's definitely been a long, difficult journey, and some of it has made me feel like I may have really hit rock bottom this time, I'm still pretty happy with the way it's turning out.

I've become my own person because of the adversity, not in spite of it, and I'm lucky. It could always be worse. Even though I haven't gotten to choose all of the cards I've been dealt lately, I think I'm playing a pretty good hand so far.

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SheresaTyr said...

I was most impressed by the way you never really gave up, I dont know if I would have been able to handle it. I can't believe how much stuff has happened to you since we graduated, but if anyone needs to know how tough you are, I think we have proof. I'm proud of you :)