16 August 2006

if the ecstacy's in the wit is definitely out

The concert last night was amazing. Not just Snow Patrol, who put on a PHENOMENAL show, but also the opening band - Aberdeen City. The lead singer [Brad Parker] was a hottie, as was the lead guitarist [Chris McLaughlin, I think]. The sound was just what you'd expect for a Snow Patrol opener, and I plan on buying a CD in the near future. The funny thing about the opening act was that Chris was acting like he was completely smashed. He was drinking from a Boston Lager bottle, and he was stumbling all over the place, he knocked over the mic, and he threw stuff at the drummer a few times. After the show, though, he walked to the front of the stage where he was talking to someone he knew, and it was obvious that he was almost stone cold sober. I thought it was a funny act to put on, but maybe his guitar playing is like my dancing.

He was quite the hottie, though...

Chris McLaughlin of Aberdeen City

Chris McLaughlin sings into his guitar

When Snow Patrol came on the stage, the first two rows jumped up and went to the railing. Of course, I followed suit, but I got a spot on the side of the stage, so I didn't catch any picks or drumsticks. Instead, I got a gorgeous view of Paul Wilson, which is somewhat of a compromise:

Paul Wilson

More Paul

The theme of the evening was pants. Or trousers, as Gary [Lightbody. Of Snow Patrol] calls them (because he's Irish). The lead singer from Aberdeen City [Brad] said, "Wow. I didn't know there were going to be so many people here so early. I would have worn tighter pants."

Then Gary mentioned how they'd been on Newbury Street earlier that day to buy him some trousers for the show that night. "These," he said, and pointed at the seat of his pants, and then he commented on how tight they were, and that Boston (squeee) was the place to get trousers. I laughed. I wondered if they'd been listening to Aberdeen.

Gary Lightbody
Look at those pants!!!

All in all, it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Earnestly. I'm more than a little bit in love with this band (also? I knew ALL of the songs. That's actually never happened to me at a concert before. It probably helped that they only used repertoire from their US released CDs, but still. I win). I can't thank you enough, Ben. I only wish someone had been here to use that extra ticket.

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