28 August 2006

It Was Still A Good Weekend

Things I did yesterday:

Sat on couch, watched TV.

Things I did not do yesterday:

Return clothes to BR
Buy milk
Buy diet coke and lunch for the work week
Get up from the couch

What kept me sitting in front of the idiot box all day? Who knows, but this is what I watched: Full House, Can't Buy Me Love, Ever After/Someone Like You, She's All That, and finally, the Emmy's. So, basically, full-on mocking can commence...Now.

I feel kind of "meh" about this year's Emmy's. They played up the "controversy," and also how they run over every year, but in the way that annoyed me, not the way that was funny, haha, making fun of ourselves, hahaHa. Grey's Anatomy didn't take home any awards, and Ellen Pompeo's speech defect heavy Bostonian accent wasn't apparent when she presented with Patrick Dempsey, which I was actually really hoping to hear. It seems she's done some pretty good work with a speech therapist.

And other things, like I am glad that the Office won, but am also sad that Scrubs was overlooked entirely, as in why wasn't Zach Braff nominated? Or Sarah Chalke? Not that anyone on Scrubs would have stood a chance to win against Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but still. It's nice to be nominated. Stephen Colbert was robbed, but I thought that he and John Stewart stole the show when they presented. Unless you think Hugh Laurie was funnier, which for me was a toss-up. The tribute to Aaron Spelling was nice, but of course I was left with the heebie-jeebies when they kept panning to Tori Spelling, and I thought about the money issues and gross. It sucks when there's so much emphasis on finances that it muddies everything else to the point where you don't know how the person feels about losing a parent, and the whole death/inheritence/public mourning thing in the biz feels dirty to me.

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